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“Having been to many sound healing circles, I felt that Carmen dove into the realms of deep indigenous tribal vibrations more than the norm, somehow conjuring up a strong solid resonance with Mother Earth, communing with and bringing that healing energy to us.

I feel Carmen can touch other worlds without effort, diving into shadows with no fear. Her capability with the instruments and voice is gentle yet powerful, not having to bang and shout but can still shake us inside to let things fly.”

“Carmen is an incredible sound healer. She is a talented soul who truly lives out her gifts for music, sound and healing arts. She has the type of creativity and wisdom that spreads her beautiful vibrations to the people
around her.

At a recent group sound healing session with Carmen, she created a beautiful, open space for people to come together and relax into her healing music. I dropped into a theta, semi-sleep state and felt more deeply relaxed than I have in months. It was a truly healing experience.”

“Sound Massage with Tibetan bowls is new to me but I have already received amazing benefits from sessions with the wonderful Carmen!

My body really responds deeply to the bowls, I go very quickly into a new kind of relaxation that is delicious. I want to say I fly, but it’s a combination of flying high and sinking deeply into the Centre of the Earth!”

“Singing bowls is the best therapy ever! I highly recommend carmen’s sessions! So pleasant, I felt fully relaxed during and after the session and my knee problem was gone after a session.

Carmen takes you to different level of awareness. It is like meditation and healing combine. She is amazing.”

“If you’re interested in learning how to do sound healing or just a big fan of sound healing, I recommend doing Carmen’s training. It was fascinating to learn all about the diverse instruments used in sound healing, and we had the
opportunity to learn how to play them all.

The best part of the training was when we had the chance to work together and create our own “practice” sound healing session. Until you create your own “sound healing session” you don’t realize how every action and decision can create incredible effects on the participants. Carmen taught us so many important factors to consider, and was a delight to work with. 2 thumbs up!”

“I would recommend Carmen to anyone interested in Yoga, no matter if you are a beginner, she’s an excellent teacher! I love her lessons so much because she is amazing at making the students (?) feel completely relaxed.

Carmen respects everyone’s own rhythm and her capacity to connect with people creates a comfortable and safe atmosphere which is perfect for the practice.”

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