“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos.”

– Albert Einstein –

Set your intention

What is it you need most right now?


Raise your vibrational frequency, and accelerate your journey to higher consciousness.


Face and allow your emotions. Invoke powerful inner change and transformations.


Become mindful of your thoughts. Improve focus and concentration.


Promote physical healing by activating the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Sound & Frequency is truly the Medicine where the ancient meets the future.

Are you looking to improve sleep, elevate your mood and strengthen your relationships. or are you seeking to deepen your healing practice and enhance personal wellbeing?

Sound Therapy

Tuning into different vibrations and specific frequencies to take you into an easeful healing journey.

Group Sound Circles, Private Sound Massage and Sound Healing Trainings.


Breathwork helps with accessing parts of ourselves that are buried inside or otherwise inaccessible.

I offer In_Breath and SOMA  Breathwork modalities supported by Reiki and Bodywork, with the power of Sound.

Private Virtual sessions and in-person Retreats in Spain, Bali and Costa Rica.


Making Yoga accessible to everyBODY. As long as our minds are flexible, Yoga is universal!

I offer traditional Hatha, Hatha flow, Tao Flow, Yin Yoga, Raja Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Children’s Yoga.

Virtual Private & Group Practice, in-person Retreats in Spain, Bali and Costa Rica.

meet Carmen

I have a passion for deep connection with myself and others, the tools I use to access it are Sound Healing, Yoga, Breathwork and Reiki. I have worked with people internationally from every background, age, and shape partnering in their healing path using the modality they resonate the most to discover their endless beauty, depth and freedom.

I have studied under many masters in several traditions of Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki, and Eastern Medicine.

I’m certified and experienced:

  • Sound Healer trainer and practitioner
  • Reiki Master trainer and practitioner
  • Breathwork facilitator
  • Yoga teacher (Integral Hatha, Tao Flow, Yin Yoga, Raja Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Children’s Yoga).

I am currently in between Costa Rica and Spain, teaching at retreats and offering Online sessions.

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