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Time for yourself and reconnection. Retreat and self care.

The most magical way to spend your holidays in 2024.

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Yoga Retreats

  • Farm of Life, Costa Rica

  • April 2023

From eating healthy, sound and light therapy, Yoga, Qigong and reconnecting with Nature, join us for a week of  Yoga, Qi-gong, Sound Therapy, Breathwork, nature adventures..

Heal, transform and benefit from the healthy environment, nourishing raw-vegan-vegetarian foods, life inspiration and spiritual guidance. Farm of Life is the ideal environment to reconnect with nature and Self, and for a personal journey to wellness.

Join me for a week or longer: privately or with loved ones.
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AVIVA, Awaken your

Inner Joy & Love

9 – 16 February, 2024. Farm of Life, Costa Rica

  • Farm of Life, Costa Rica

Join us on a 7 day retreat in the Sacred Diamond Valley of Costa Rica, where nature, togetherness & spiritual practice  converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Aviva is a life celebration. This retreat is born with the intention of remembering who we are. Bringing the attention to the goodness & lightness, unlearning what we’ve been taught and doesn’t support us any more and tuning in to our true nature: Love & Joy, the thread that weaves us together.

My invitation is that you come just as you are… the good, the bad and the ugly & Open to this Transformational Journey.

This is a Bilingual Retreat facilitated in English and Spanish

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