Sound Therapy

In sound we are born, in sound we are healed

My Sound Healing Journey

After many years of giving and receiving different therapy and healing modalities, I have realised that Sacred Sound is the essential tool for integration. This is why I incorporate the power of Frequency to the modalities I offer, as well as on its own.

After my first sound healing experience and feeling the power of their healing vibrations when visiting temples in Nepal over a decade ago, I was fascinated by the instantaneous effects that the vibration of those instruments had on my body and mind.

My journey as a practitioner started by giving private sound massages with Himalayan bowls following different protocols I studied with IASH – The International Academy of Sound Healing. After that, I trained with different schools and masters of sound and frequency along the way.

Improve your sleep

Sound healing re-balances the vibrations and frequencies in your brain so you will sleep more deeply.

Improve your mood

The overall effect is an improvement of the mood and of your general view on the world.

Improve your concentration

A better working brain is calm and focused, and is better at making great decisions.

Heal chronic disease and trauma

Wellbeing becomes easy when your mind is at easy, and your system is in a state of calmness and trust.

Sound & Frequency is truly the Medicine where the ancient meets the future.

I love sound healing because it is accesible for everybody!  I have worked with CEOs, teenagers & children, and people with chronic pain, mental health and physical disabilities.

Is meditation challenging? Do you suffer from insomnia, stress or inflammation in the body? Would you like to gain clarity, find solutions, or attain insight?

Sound Healing is an effective, non intrusive ancient healing modality. It helps the body activate its self healing mechanism to restore  harmony and cellular coherence. Everything in the universe is vibrating and everything has its own resonant frequency. When those resonant frequencies become disharmonious, disease or illness can manifest.

Sound healing restores or maintains those healthy, harmonious frequencies  through a process called entrainment. Cellular entrainment through sound is the idea that sound frequencies can influence the behavior of cells in the body. This is based on the idea that all matter, including cells, have a natural frequency or vibration, and that exposure to external frequencies can cause cells to vibrate in unison with the external frequency. Exposure to specific sound frequencies has a beneficial effect on cellular health and function. Certain frequencies can promote cellular regeneration, boost immune function, and reduce inflammation.

What are my options?


  • The length of a typical individual or group session is 40, 60, or 90 minutes, during which I use instruments including gongs, drums, bells, tuning forks, singing bowls, and chimes. All of which create specifically targeted, tactile vibrations in the body.
  • After a consultation, we decide together the best combination of modalities (Sound with Reiki, Breathwork, Reprogramming) according to your needs and intentions.


  • I offer private and group Online sessions via Zoom and in-person retreats and workshops internationally
  • Join our next in-depth training this August 2023 in Costa Rica!

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