7 Day Aviva Retreat

Farm of Life, Costa Rica

February 9-16, 2024

  • Mornings of Inspiring Meditations, Yoga, Mantras, Pranayama
  • Powerful Ceremonies: Breathwork, Cacao, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing under the stars
  • Adventures: Waterfall Hikes & Beach Trips
  • Private Healing session with Carmen
  • Accommodation with Breathtaking Views
  • Fulfilling Vegetarian/Vegan Meals and Juices

Join us on a 7-day retreat in the Sacred Diamond Valley of Costa Rica, where community, nature, and spiritual practice merge to create a unique experience.

Aviva is a life celebration. This retreat is born with the intention of remembering who we are. Bringing the attention to the goodness & lightness, unlearning what we’ve been taught and doesn’t support us any more and tuning in to our true nature: Love & Joy, the thread that weaves us together.

My invitation is that you come just as you are… the good, the bad and the ugly & Open to this Transformational Journey.

This is a very unique retreat where we will be sharing the practices that have served us the most during our own healing journey at the most heart-centred Retreat centre I have ever been to.


•You will learn practices that you can implement in your daily routine to bring in more peace, focus, abundance and prosperity in your life.

•You will find your inner power, heal from the past and create an authentic relationship with yourself.

•Manifest your dreams with more ease, find new & healthier friends, rest, laugh and enjoy the stunning nature…

I have collaborated on three different occasions at Farm of Life. The first time was 10 years ago. During my time here I’ve witnessed incredible healing journeys and transformations in very short periods of time. I’ve never seen a retreat/healing centre with such a genuine intention – you can breathe love and service.

Fun and Growth

Retreats don’t need to be serious! We can do deep work and have tons of fun too! Actually, I believe it is essential to bring lightness into our lives and healing journeys. Come play!


Retreat Calendar

Arrival to Costa Rica, SJO Airport. 

Everyone stays at same hotel  – Margarita’s Guest House

7:30am – Transport departs from hotel.

11:30am – Arrival Dominical Beach. Welcome! Coconuts, Lunch and Swim.

2:30pm – Depart Beach.

4:00pm – Farm arrival and Check into rooms.

5:15pm – Orientation with Jody, Mother of Farm of Life

6pm – Yummy Family Dinner

7:15pm – Opening Campfire with Gong Bath under the stars

7am – Meditation & Slow Flow Grounding Yoga

8:30am – Breakfast

9:30am – Farm tour with Brian: Learn about the healing herbs, benefits of bare footing and practices we follow at the farm that you can incorporate in your life.

10:30am – Nayaca Waterfall with lunch to go. Rated number 9th in the world and only 15 mins drive away from the Farm.

1pm – 3pm – Free Time

4pm – Candle Light Yoga Nidra – the Yogic Sleep

6pm – Yummy Dinner

7pm – After dinner Break the Ice Game 

6am – Sun gazing with Brian

7am – Meditation & Release Yoga Flow 

8:30 – Breakfast

9:30am – Mindful Hike to the private and magical Avatar Rock and River – 1 hour gorgeous hike from the farm.

(Option to stay at the farm reading, swimming, meditating.)

1:00 pm  – Lunch

4pm – Breathwork for Releasing and Unblocking. Connected-Conscious Breathing to release stuck emotions, patters, beliefs.

6pm – Yummy Family Dinner

7am – Breakfast

9am – Meditation and Yoga practice at Playa Linda

1:30pm – Depart Beach

2:30pm – 1:1 Healing with CarmenPool | Massage 

6pm – Yummy Family Dinner

7pm – Mantra Meditation

7am – Meditation & Qi-Gong

8:30am – Breakfast

9:30am – Goddess falls (In the valley, 10 mins drive away)

1pm – Lunch

4pm – Massage | 1:1 healing with Carmen | Pool

6pm – Yummy Family Dinner

7pm – Art Therapy

7am – Heart Meditation & Yoga for every-BODY
8:30am – Breakfast
9:30am – Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance  
1pm – Lunch
4pm – Massage | 1:1 Energy Healing with Carmen | Pool
6pm – Yummy Dinner
7pm – Candlelight Meditation

Day 7 – Integration 

7am – Meditation & Intentional Yoga 

8:30am – Breakfast

9:30am – Peacefalls (Magical, Private and veeeery Peaceful place in the valley 10 mins drive away)

1pm – Lunch

4pm – Bring Back your Super Powers Breathwork Ceremony with Sound Healing 

6pm – Yummy Dinner

7pm – Closing Campfire Ceremony

Farewell Folks 

6am – Breakfast

6:30 – Return Transport

11:30 – Arrival to SJO hotel

1:30pm – earliest recommended flight out.

Spend 7 days in a magical Oasis surrounded by lush jungle and like-minded souls

Carmen is a Trauma informed Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master & generally awesome life-enjoyer.

Meet Carmen

I am Carmen and I love to enjoy life. I am passionate about generously sharing the wisdom I have received from my teachers around the world. I live intensely and passionately in the most conscious and fulfilling way I know.

A bit about my story…

I moved to Asia for first time in my 20’s with thirst to experience another type of spirituality, other than the one I grew up with in Spain.  I started my healing journey in 2009 with a 10- day-silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat followed by 14 years of spiritual practices and healing modalities learning with masters around the World – India, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Latin America.

I used to be a disconnected and anxious being with a scattered mind that had difficulty in concentration and focus. In my early days, Yoga and Meditation helped me to return to my centre. Breathwork, Sound Healing, Conscious Dance came later as tools that have helped me  understand my own universe and its mysteries, bringing more connection and joy to my life.

I am passionate about and committed to sharing these tools that have served me in my own journey. Aviva is born with the desire to bring people together in a unique way, showing us just as we are –  the good, the bad, the ugly… And hopefully uncovering our true nature to realise that we are so much more than our mind tell us. As my root teacher used to say:

“Face the Light so the Shadows stay behind”. 

If you feel the calling, I’d love to hear from you.

Use the button on this page to send me a direct WhatsApp message.

In Love and Laughter,
Carmen Sanz

Discover the pristine landscapes of Costa Rica.

An unforgettable Healing Experience

Retreat Location:

Farm of Life

Farm of Life is a sacred and energetic healing center that will hold and nourish your weeklong journey.  This land has been blessed by years of our prayers and meditations and holds a strong intention to support your transformations.  The land is a funnel, spiraling the energies and clearing the transmutations.  The land itself is a shaman!

Your spirit will find ease and support being here and a willingness to release into the journey.  This is a place where you can exhale into the experience, knowing that you are deeply cared for.  The entire campus will be booked solely for the retreat, affording our fellowship a private, intimate and secure ground for healing, transformations and a deeper discovery of love.

I personally know this land very well and I’ll take you to the most amazing and special places. We will swim and enjoy the most stunning rivers, waterfalls and beaches but with enough time for practice, silence, digital detox, inner connection.

Choose your accommodation

All inclusive price, see full details

Deluxe Cabin

Coconut (Sold Out) & Monkey Suite

Stunningly beautiful premier cabin offering two queen beds, exquisite ensuite bathroom with outdoor hot shower, view of the entire valley and ocean, large balcony with rocking chairs and hammock. Offered as semi private (2 share accommodation) or shared (3-4 friends sharing 2 queen beds).

  • Single, private: $2,590 USD
  • Sharing, 2 people or a couple: $1,990 USD each person
  • Sharing, 3-4 people: $1,800 USD each person

Cabins in the Orchard

Ceiba & Ylang Ylang

Cabins in the Orchard are settled in a fruit orchard and surrounded by Ylang Ylang trees. This lovely accommodation is built entirely of wood – gorgeous purple heart and cedar – with large windows and French doors. Available with two twin beds or 1 king, ensuite bathroom with outdoor hot shower surrounded by flowers, fruit orchard view, balcony with hammock & rocking chairs. Offered as private or semi private 2 share.

  • Single, private: $2,350 USD
  • Sharing, 2 people or a couple: $1,870 USD each person

Jungle View Cabins

(Sold Out)

Toucan & Macaw

Perched on a hillside, the decks overlook a lush, green valley and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Frequent sightings of Hawks’ adrift on the air currents and Toucans. Offering two twin bunk beds, ensuite indoor bathroom with hot shower, epic jungle view, balcony with hammock and rocking chair.
Offered as semi private (2 share), or shred (3-4 share).

  • Sharing, 2 people: $1,790 USD each person
  • Sharing, 3-4 people: $1,690 USD each person

Butterfly Suite


A charming and private bungalow for the romantic getaway. Perched on a hillside overlooking the deep green jungle of the Bora Canyon Nature Preserve. Awake to the enchanting sounds of tropical birds, the distant voice of the howler monkeys, and the gentle warmth of the sun rising over the mountains. This room has a queen bed, private indoor bathroom and outdoor balcony with hammock and rocking chairs. Fully equipped with electricity, hot shower, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows, canopied-bed and Wifi. The balcony does not have a banister and is not child-friendly, unless you keep your child off of the balcony.

  • Single, private: $2,350 USD
  • Sharing, 2 people or a couple: $1,870 USD each person
  • CONNECT with your heart through guided meditations and workshops.

  • HEAL with practices that will take you back home, the heart.

  • CLEANSE eating healthy living foods and swimming in the clear rivers and ocean.

  • REST away from civilisation, embraced in pristine nature, no road sounds, no distractions.

  • QUIETEN the mind with silent mornings until breakfast

  • DEEPEN your spiritual practice & bring in new, healthier habits

  • EXPLORE the sacred Diamond Valley and the most stunning secret rivers & waterfalls

  • MANIFEST with clarity and bring back your superpowers

What’s included:

  • Accommodation for 7-nights.
  • Organic Healthy vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Morning Meditation and Movement: Yoga, Qigong for everyBODY
  • Silent mornings until breakfast
  • 1 Private Healing session with Carmen
  • Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance
  • Gong Bath bonfire under the stars
  • Breathwork Ceremonies
  • 4 Magical Waterfall excursions
  • 2 Beach excursions
  • Sun-gazing instruction with Brian
  • Farm of Life Campus Prana Tour
  • Yoga mats, blocks and blankets
  • Transportation to and from the airport

What’s not included:

Flights, Hotel night on Feb 8, Massages, Insurance


  • $500 deposit to hold your spot in the retreat. Final payment will be due 6-weeks prior to the start of the retreat. We accept Paypal,  Zelle, Transfer Wise.
  • The deposit is 100% refundable (less a $100 administrative fee) at any time should we cancel the retreat for whatever reason that we don’t foresee. However, any travel expenses you incur will NOT be reimbursed.
  • We recommend you buy the airline travel insurance.  Also, ask you airline in advance if they will issue a refund or only a credit.

Limited spots to 13 persons.


If you feel the calling, get in touch directly with me
& let’s find out if this is the right retreat for you now.
Get in touch